Buster Gray/EnSiteUSA Takes Over Project Management for Water Horse Resources Team

Fort Collins, CO (September 15, 2019) – Water Horse Resources, LLC is proud to announce the addition of Buster Gray/EnSiteUSA to its Project Management Team. Gray is a legend in the pipeline industry with over 35 years of experience in the management and design of oil and gas pipeline projects with capital budgets ranging from less than $1 million to approximately $5 billion. His experience spans all aspects of pipeline project execution, including engineering, surveying and project/construction management.


Gray is a licensed engineer in 34 states and licensed surveyor in Texas, a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and former president of the Pipeliners Association of Houston. He was part owner of Universal Ensco until its sale in 2008 (now called UniversalPegasus). Gray owned and operated Pipeline Design Enterprises, Inc. After a merger with Universal Ensco, Inc. in 1989, he served as senior vice president until its sale in 2008. Currently, Gray is the Executive Vice President of EnSiteUSA, one of the fastest growing pipeline engineering companies in the oil and gas business, specializing in energy management.

Gray started working in the oil and gas pipeline sector in 1978, when he signed on with United Gas Pipeline in Houston after graduating from Mississippi State University with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. Throughout a career marked by success and integrity, Gray has been involved with a number of high-profile and innovative pipeline projects including the Express Pipeline, the China West to East Gas Pipeline Project, the Keystone Mainline (US), the Tuscarora Pipeline, the Alliance Pipeline and the Exxon Sakhalin Island to China Pipeline (concept). During his five-year stint in China, Gray built some of the first large-diameter pipelines in that country.


Gray has a passion for pipelines and commands the respect of his peers in the oil and gas pipeline industry who view him as fair-minded and knowledgeable. He is particularly regarded for his knowledge of regulatory requirements, his ability to handle right-of-way concerns and how he has treated property owners. During the course of his career, Gray has been involved with a number of industry “firsts,” that have now become standard practice, including the successful implementation of mechanized welding and ultrasonic inspection in both the United States and China.


According to Gray, there are two key aspects that are vital to a pipeline project’s success. “Unequivocally, it’s cooperation and communication. That’s cooperation between the owner, management and engineering services, construction contractors and manufacturers of pipe, all the way down,” he says. “When there is trust and cooperation between entities, when each side recognizes problems, then they can work together to solve issues.”

“Buster and the EnSiteUSA team down in Houston are the best project managers in the US for large diameter linear infrastructure,” said Aaron P. Million, founder and principal. “Everyone in the industry knows Buster, his firm, and the reputation they bring to a project like this. We are glad to have them on board both as an investor in this project and taking the lead on the Project Management team.”