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Map of the proposed pipeline route from Northeastern Utah across Southern Wyoming into the Colorado Front Range


Called “the first new idea in water resources in the last 50 years” by the former head of Denver Water, the Project is now formally identified in the 2016 State of Colorado Water Plan and the Colorado Statewide Water Supply Initiative (SWSI) as a new water resource alternative for Colorado. Studying an old 1913 map in the Colorado State University library, the GRSSHPR Project evolved from a visionary academic thesis conducted by Aaron P. Million (Agricultural and Resource Economics – Colorado State University). Mr. Million’s water, natural resource, and agricultural background goes back four generations to south-eastern Utah ranching, farming, and water interests on the Green River.  

Water Horse Resources is developing the largest privately financed renewable energy, water delivery, and storage project in the western U.S. 

The Green Sun Storage Hydro Power (GRSSHPR - "Grasshopper") Project's mission is to permit, engineer, and build 325 miles of new staged underground pipeline infrastructure, providing renewable energy, hydropower, water storage, and new water supplies to Colorado from the Flaming Gorge/Green River system. The water deliveries will create benefits for environmental in-stream flows, wildlife conservation, agricultural expansion, and municipal use.


The Project will transport water via underground pipeline originating from available water surpluses in the Flaming Gorge Reservoir/Green River system in SW Wyoming/NE Utah to the water short Front Range of Colorado.  A net 3,800-foot elevation drop from the project’s points of diversion to the project’s points of use will create 15 megawatts of in-pipe renewable energy/hydropower.