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Building Resiliency


Colorado’s Water Plan (2015) sets a measurable objective of attaining 400,000 acre-feet of water storage by 2050. Existing reservoir storage includes the 3.8 million acre-feet Flaming Gorge Reservoir with additional new reservoirs to be constructed. As the state conserves, Colorado must also develop additional storage to meet growing needs and face the changing climate. Water storage infrastructure allows Colorado to use its legal entitlements before water flows out of the state.

The GRSSHPR Project's future planning may add 100,000+ acre-feet of capacity.

The combination of utilizing existing reservoirs and new construction from the project will more than double Colorado’s available reservoir and water storage.


Water storage infrastructure is essential in

  • assisting with flood control

  • supporting all types of use (agricultural, environmental, municipal, and industrial)

  • periods of drought

  • complying with interstate compacts

  • augmenting stream systems